Spring Fun

Spring is nearly here, and to me that means meadows filled with wildflowers, farmers markets packed with delicious seasonal produce, picnics, and pies. Once the weather starts to warm and the days grow longer, I get impatient for the mountain snow to magically disappear so I can hike to my hearts content. I dream of all the epic trails I'll be able to hike in just a few more months, then feel disappointed by the limited options accessible right now. Often, instead of getting outside and hiking where I can, I spend too much of the spring on my couch, knitting, reading, and binge-watching The Office for the thousandth time. By the time summer rolls around, I'm too out of shape for all the adventures I planned in the spring. This year, I'm determined to not let that happen. 

Hike as much as possible while the wildflowers are blooming in the Cascades. Specifically, catch the bear grass on Bandera Mountain, the balsamroot on Teanaway Ridge, or the entire spectrum of wildflowers in Spray Park. I'd love to hear your recommendations for excellent wildflower trails too!

Bake my all-time-favorite: strawberry rhubarb pie!

Get out for a short, early-season backpacking trip to test out my new sleeping pad. Compared to my old 4' long self inflating pad, I think it will make a huge difference in how well I sleep when camping!

Go to the Farmer's Market at least once a month

Go for a picnic

Soak up the longer days by getting outside after work at least three days a week

Plan and host an afternoon tea

Forage for morels

Sign up for a trail work party with the Washington Trails Association. If I feel like being an overachiever, I might be able to earn my own hard hat by summer!

Read Tolkien in the Tolkien room at the Sylvia Beach Hotel 

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