Winter Fun

It feels like I was just writing my fall list yesterday, and now we're already well in to winter! I've always had a time with winter. I love the snow, but it's usually hours away in the mountains, and from the dreary grey views outside my window at home, I find it far too easy to stay warm at inside on my couch, doing nothing. Then, once spring comes around, I regret being so inactive for so many months. Here's a list of things I hope will keep me out of my post-Christmas, pre-spring gloom!

Snowshoeing in Paradise

Snowshoeing in Paradise

Hoping for some snow in Redmond this winter!

Hoping for some snow in Redmond this winter!

Get off the couch for at least one hike or snowshoe each month. I did terribly on this over the fall - no hiking in either November or December! 

Also, go for more walks. It's hard since I get home after dark, but the days are growing longer again so soon I won't have that as an excuse!  

Host a soup swap. 

Get a good start on my goal to read 42 books in 2016 by reading at least 3 books a month.  

Try cooking something new - maybe gnocchi or steamed pork buns (char sui bao)?  

 Buy a new houseplant to bring some green indoors. 

Plan a trip. I love planning travel, whether it's a big trip or a small one. Maybe this will finally be the year I convince Andy to go here?

Knit a new hat for Andy. The one I made him last year is looking pretty ragged!

Light candles, string up christmas lights, anything to bring a little more light into the long dark days to come!